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Preliminary happiness T

作者: admin 分类: 广州桑拿攻略 发布时间: 2018-08-31 10:11

Location: Happiness T
Address: Dexing Bridge Foot, Baidu Map has
Consumption: 198-500

I have seen the forum saying that happiness T can do, the old field, in view of BL is also living in the bridge, decided to try

According to the previous forum LY said to 198 + 100, after taking a bath, secretly put 100 + TT plug phone in the preparation

Before entering the point, the forum said 68 and 28, MD, that knows that it is all on the clock, obviously I see no one. . Is it so moldy?

Then called the minister to arrange, came a No. 86, saw BOBO super big, left

At the beginning, of course, I just press it casually, then I teased JS and said that I brought 100. I know that JS is too little, and I say at least 200, relying on 198+200. Although JS is big, the problem is certain.

And given the previous forum LY said, forget it.

In-depth understanding, I know, JS here, if through the company, 500 can basically ML, if private, no 198 + 200 or 298 + 100, should be rarely agreed

Is the number different or the price of meat rising? However, I don't plan to come back next time. This number is enough for me early QM. Unless LY finds a good JS