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HZZ experience satisfaction return (recommended with JS number)

作者: 广州桑拿王 分类: 广州桑拿攻略 发布时间: 2019-03-06 16:35

HZZ, who arrived at noon yesterday at 12 o'clock, had already made an appointment with the minister before going, and asked the minister to recommend a few good numbers. Since the minister I was looking for was an evening shift, he gave me a few numbers. I will go to the number of these numbers. After the step, I took a shower and went to the lounge to order a cup of drink and sat down. Then I asked the waiter to call the minister. The minister surnamed Luo, and gave me a business card (Mom’s last business card was lost, come out I couldn't find it later. I asked a few of the recommended numbers. I finally ordered 919 and immediately went to the clock.
When I got to the room, I wiped it dark, but it should be cool in this atmosphere. After waiting for a while, JS came. At first glance, it was a little fat, but it can be within the scope of acceptance. Bobo looks like B. When I close the door, I will attack JS from behind and feel good through the bra. JS said baby, why is the monkey doing something, let me undress first, I said yes, then JS began to take off his shirt.
JS was a little disappointed when I finished it. Bobo obviously shrinks. It should only be B-. I rely on this bra's pad too thick, but I can't continue to open the bo. I hope that JS service can remedy it.
I just lie down, JS will come up to kiss me RT, have been kissed on the face, and gently blow in the ear, so that my chicken skin is up, cool. Then JS went all the way from the face to the chicken. I have to say that the technique of this technique is first-class. When I am MY, I am really refreshed. KJ is also good. My JJ is in her mouth. It is still coming. A few times deep throat, and still circle in the mouth, it feels cool.
I blew it for about 5 minutes. At this time, JS asked if I could start doing the service behind. I just started, then the back MY, and almost all the backs were kissed by JS. This JS is really cool. Back MY finished and then do DL, lying trough, I almost did not hold back when doing DL, JS's tongue is so deep, DL is also done more carefully, unlike some JS casually do a few times.
After the back service is over and turned over to do the positive, basically MY plus the last KB, this JS knows how to flirt, will ask you to feel comfortable there, and then serve more, and finally wash with warm water after KB.
I wanted to explode the second time, but when I saw that the rest of the time couldn’t be done, I just let JS help me press the leg, press it for a few minutes, and plant it with satisfaction. Finally, JS still held me in front of the door and let me kiss her with affection. Summary: No. 919 JS is a little fat, bo is not big, looks like a general, but the service is really good, especially MY's tongue is good, and the minister also recommended 928, 326, 938, are JS on the morning shift, Among them, No. 938 said that it was newly listed in these days, that is, I don’t know how the service is. Ministers No. 928 and No. 326 said that the service is very good, and will report to each LY after the next test.
Contact information is JS mobile phone